Dodge Chrysler Plymouth Voltage Regulator Mopar Restoration

Dodge Chrysler Plymouth Voltage Regulator Mopar Restoration



  • 12 Month At Any Dodge Dealership In USA
  • Package Dimensions: 17.78 H x 2.54 L x 9.525 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 0.195 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : United States
  • New Solid State Electronic Regulator Compatible with Chrysler Dodge Plymouth 1960-1969 2642953 3000074 3024702 CH-524 CH-531 1972215 12336864 GRC724 8-724 105-103 SRP-1373 VBT6201C VBT6201D 18-5728

  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications
  • One year Warranty!
  • Plymouth Barracuda L6 2.8L 2786cc 170cid 1964-1966 Barracuda L6 3.7L 3687cc 225cid 1964-1969 Barracuda V8 4.5L 4473cc 273cid 1964-1967 Barracuda V8 5.2L 5212cc 318cid 1968-1969 Barracuda V8 5.6L 5572cc 340cid 1968-1969 Barracuda V8 5.2L 5212cc 318cid 1968-1969 Barracuda V8 5.6L 5572cc 340cid 1968-1969 Barracuda V8 5.9L 5917cc 361cid 1964 Barracuda V8 6.3L 6286cc 383cid 1967-1969 Fury L6 3.7L 3687cc 225cid 1964-1969 Fury V8 4.5L 4473cc 273cid 1964-1965
  • Belvedere L6 3.7L 3687cc 225cid 1963-1969 Belvedere V8 4.5L 4473cc 273cid 1964-1968 Belvedere V8 5.2L 5212cc 318cid 1964-1969 Belvedere V8 5.9L 5917cc 361cid 1964-1966 Belvedere V8 6.3L 6286cc 383cid 1964-1969 Belvedere V8 7.0L 6981cc 426cid 1964-1967 Belvedere V8 7.2L 7211cc 440cid 1966-1969 Belvedere II L6 3.7L 3687cc 225cid 1965-1967 Belvedere II V8 4.5L 273cid 1965-1967 Belvedere II V8 5.2L 318cid 1965-1967 Belvedere II V8 5.9L 361cid 1966 Belvedere II V8 7.2L 440cid 1967
  • Prestolite 51-10 51-211 51-32 51-36 51-37 51-6 ALB5001 ALB5002 ALD5001 ALE5006 ALK5001 ALK5005A Chrysler 2098850 2098860 2098880 2444347 2444437 2444898 3000005
  • ACDelco Professional C603Z Voltage Regulator

  • professional, premium aftermarket replacement
  • provides the performance and dependability you expect from acdelco
  • manufactured to meet expectations for fit, form, and function
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific
  • LifeVac - Choking Rescue Device Home Kit for Adult and Children First Aid Kit, Portable Choking Rescue Device, First Aid Choking Device

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  • NEVER EXPIRES: The LifeVac device will NOT have to be replaced unless used to save the life of a choking victim. Only the masks will need to be replaced every 2-3 years.
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  • Formula Auto Parts VRG1 Alternator Voltage Regulator

  • Package Dimensions: 5.334 L x 12.7 H x 9.652 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight : 0.227 kilograms
  • Competitor VR125 R296 VR1 VR733 1V1081
  • Country of Origin : China
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  • Standard Motor Products S573 Pigtail/Socket

  • Connector Gender : Female
  • Connector Quantity : 1
  • Harness Length - inches : 7"
  • Terminal Gender : Female
  • Terminal Quantity : 2
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